Friday, July 26, 2013

Animals and Social Media

Majority of people treat their pets as part of their own family. Where they bathe it, feed it and just basically provide fantastic attention and affection. That is why some of these pets are starting to be part of our social media life. There are a number of animal lovers who actually create an account for their pets where updates on statuses, photos and bios are done. You can see these animals in different platforms, here are some examples 

Animals In Facebook
In Facebook we often see photos and updates about pets and the likes. But what is really nice about finding animals in Facebook is the initiative of people to feature and promote pages for the benefit of these animals. Animal rights pages are really prevalent in Facebook because of the passion that these people and organizations are doing to spread awareness and facilitate the needs of these animals. One of the Facebook pages that I really like is the ANIMAL RIGHTS Facebook page because they provide videos and articles that discussed issues about animal welfare and rights.

Animals In Youtube
What I especially like about finding animals in Youtube is I am able to see a variety of talent that these animals have. Sometimes the talent is even jaw dropping that is why some of these videos are able to reach more than a million or so views. I think it is our fascination with their behavior that feeds the supply of these videos online; I mean when you are having a bad day it’s kinda therapeutic to watch these cute Youtube videos of dogs and cats doing their random shenanigans with their owner. 

Animals In Twitter
With Twitter what is really nice is the level of support that animal rights group and enthusiast gets from actors, actresses and basically the who’s who in the media industry. Because they are one’s who are the major twitter player in twittersphere, the more followers they have the more support and visibility your animal cause will gain when it is shared by a popular person.  

Our fascination and dedication for these animals is indeed great that is why it is not shocking that some of these animals’ websites have more followers than some Hollywood actors or actresses. This has become a new phenomenon across a number of social media sites. This social media phenomenon is greatly helping animal lovers and animal right activists to bring forward awareness with regards to our beloved pets.