Friday, July 19, 2013

Check their Childhood Photos!

Have you heard of the news regarding a man who filed a lawsuit against his wife because she was ugly?

We all know that divorces can be really tough for both parties, but having aesthetics as the cause of your divorce can make it more problematic. And your divorce can easily turn into a media circus. The lawsuit scenario was said to have originated from China where a Chinese woman, who had a number of plastic surgery on her face and body before her wedding was sued by her own husband when he saw that their baby 
didn't look anything like them.

As per some reports the husband’s name is said to be Jian Feng, it was stated in his lawsuit that he believed that his wife deceived him by making him believe that her beauty is natural when it fact it was all surgically enhanced. The thing that further intensified his disappointment was when he saw his baby girl as "horrifically ugly" and doesn't resemble him or her at all. Despite of this news circulating around the internet there has been no confirmation on it. But this story (may it be fiction or not) firmly states that people often jump into a relationship head first without hesitation.

This is one lawsuit scenario that I find humiliating and stupid at the same time. I mean for a marriage to transpire I believe it is wise to first learn things about your future partner for life. A partner that will help you mould your future in accordance to your dreams and goals. So it is only wise to know your partners background and the likes, one of the basic things that you can do as a type of “background check” is to check their baby pictures or high school pictures where you’ll see them in their natural no-make up days. We all know that there are a number of ways to enhance people’s look nowadays, but the basic physical “foundation” of your partner will always be obvious in those photos.

There you’ll see their natural hair and skin color. If a dark skinned girl is suddenly posting mestiza photos of herself in Facebook then maybe it’s time to just accept that fact or perhaps reconsider. If a former snub-nosed shy high school girl is slowly getting much attention for her sharp nose and good looks then maybe it is wise to just accept and be open with the fact that she got surgically enhanced. People have the right to get enhancements here and there and if you truly like the person then acceptance is the way to go.