Monday, July 29, 2013

Take a Social Media Break

There are days where there seem to be an overload of irrelevant updates and personal affairs in social media that sometimes it is wise to just turn off those computers, laptops and smart phones even for a day to get away from the buzz of it all. These updates may be irrelevant to us but still we often find ourselves checking these things out and in essence cause our lack of sleep and undeserved stress sometimes. One of the primary reason for getting a bit loony on social media is the fact that majority of social media users are managing multiple accounts, profiles, emails and the likes. And because of that, they tend to spend a great amount of time managing all these connections trying their best to communicate across all social media platform, which can be overwhelming to some people. That is why; it is a great idea to take a little break from the usual log in log out scenario.

However when on vacation, people still tend to communicate and participate in online conversations but their true need is to primary brag about his or her fabulous quality time at the beach, these people can’t help but post things every 30 minutes in social media while on a vacation.

Before, we used to take vacations and just go about our sightseeing and dining on a social media free mindset. But know, there is need to share these sites and dining experience to our online world as it is happening right before our eyes. Now, going on vacation with the usual smartphone and tablets is just not that smart anymore. If you really want to let your loved ones know how special that holiday and that person is for you, then I guess you might want to go social media commando on them. Spend real time, chat about life and enjoy the beautiful scenery without needing to share that awesome moment to anyone and everyone in social media but to just keep it between you two. And to basically keep that moment as a lasting beautiful memory. Sometimes cutting yourself off from your online life will do your relationship a ton of good.