Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Scandalous and Risque

Sublimal messages are the thing of the past when we talk about music videos these days. Now you’ll see a cohort of music videos with on your face messages of intense sexual promiscuity, controversial imagery and distorted religious views. Now your subconscious need not decipher the meaning behind these videos because the meaning will be available to you as soon as you press the play button on Youtube. I have seen a handful of swag centric videos with girls in thongs bouncing around with their beaux rolling in money and promiscuity but there are still videos that are raunchy and a tad overwhelming, here’s my list.

Miley Cyrus – We can’t stop
This video has a number of controversial antics, one of which is the overt sexual behaviour that Miley Cyrus and her crew did to perhaps exude sexiness and freedom, which they did not really achieve. Because it was more promiscuous than sexy, I am being nice here when I say promiscuous. In the video you’ll see how they tried to glamorize the issue of self infliction by using a fake finger which oozed a pink slime of some sort. They also amplified the fun of wasting money by the feast of money sandwiches and expensive blings that were presented in the video. I think Miley was trying to prove to the world that she's now an adult but the video failed to do that.

Lady Gaga – Alejandro
When this video came out three years ago it caused a whole lot of violent and shocked reactions from people from all walks of life. One of the reasons why those reactions happened was because of the overt sexual connotations that this video had. If you review the video you will see the level of intensity it has when it comes to coitus and religion. The thing that gravely affected a lot of the people was when Lady Gaga wore a leather nun ensemble then swallowed what appears to be a rosary. That act was seen as preposterous and disrespectful towards religion, for me the act was just unnecessary.

Rihanna - S&M
This video may seem playful and colourful at first glance but the content and intent is really something deeper and darker. The song and the video primarily talked about intercourse and the risqué art of powerplay. When people talk about bondage it is usually a hush hush subject but Rihannas video did the opposite of that and made the topic an eye candy for almost everyone even kids who are unaware that the song they are singing is really about something scandalous. Despite its colourful video the subject of S&M is still quite palpable and controversial because of Rihanna’s overt sexual behaviour in the music video where you’ll see her whip and subjugate men and vice versa. There is a sense of voyeurism when you watch videos like these.

Before I saw these videos I was highly intrigued by their content and controversy but as I view these videos further I began to realize the need for these entertainers to pay attention to their fan base and for them to be aware of what kind of role models they are to young people. Because they have young impressionable fans that sees them as inspirations and even seeks to them for guidance. So, I do hope these entertainers will someday care less about their bankability and fame and realize their young fan's worth.